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History -- it surrounds us -- it intrigues us -- it defines us

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As we stand at the precipice of change, we must look back before we look forward.

Bringing History to life through...

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  • Viewing History through the lens of film

  • Viewing Film through the lens of history

  • Performances of Historic Characters

  • Customized Seminars


At Balliol College, Oxford, England

Michael R. Hurwitz braved New York City at the tender age of 18 when he was accepted into the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the oldest professional drama school in the English speaking world. He graduated in 1967 with an Associate Degree from New York University and worked in theater, film and television prior to his enlistment in the United States Army. Michael served for three years during Vietnam, ending his military service in Washington, D.C. as the department head for logistical support for Headquarters Company. Upon his Honorable Discharge Michael was personally awarded the Army Commendation Medal, normally reserved for entire units.

Continuing his education after army life led him ultimately back to his hometown where he attended both The Ohio State University and Ohio Dominican University. Michael was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Film in 1974. Weaving his love and study of history throughout his kaleidoscopic career, Michael immersed himself once again at the British American Drama Academy and The Julliard School’s summer program held at Balliol College, Oxford, England for in-depth Shakepearean training. In 2006 Michael completed his graduate studies at California State University with his Master of Arts degree in Humanities.

As the co-founder of TELESOLVE: SOLUTIONS THROUGH SEMINARS, a seminar production company, Michael has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States presenting in-depth lectures on a myriad of topics. As the name indicates, seminars are customized to the needs of the client. One such seminar was designed to address the diversity of advertising needs and requirements for business owners both large and small, and regardless of the nature of the product or service, TELESOLVE was responsible for saving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for independent business owners, a truly remarkable success story.