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Michael's four books are now available through this website! 

BookCover.jpgMichael's latest book provides a first-time look at Ohio's historic small town opera houses -- the theatres on the second floor.  Taking the reader through a tour of 16 of Ohio's hidden jewels with over 115 original and vintage photographs, this book also includes Michael's original script for Theatre on the Second Floor, Echoes to the Past.  Originally performed on the Southern Theatre stage in Columbus, Ohio with guest artist, Gary Sandy, this play is available for booking or for production, with a nominal fee.

Available through this website for $16.99, signed by the author, plus $4.00 shipping and handling.   


Total price, $20.99 to include shipping and handling.

image_127.jpgBackstage with Booth; Behind the Scenes of The Lincoln Assassination With the InnoBookCover001.jpgcent 'Conspirator' is a fascinating new look at this popular subject.  The never-before told story is a great read for both theatre and history buffs alike.  With 75 historic photos and illustrations, plus some very rare primary source documents, this not only reads like a novel, but is a tremendous reference book for anyone remotely interested in the assassination.  This book takes the reader to a place they've never been before -- backstage at Ford's Theatre on the night of Abraham Lincoln's assassination...the night when theatre and history collided. 

Available through this website for $20.99 and signed by the author, plus $5.00 shipping and handling. 

Total price, $25.99 to include shipping and handling.

There's Gold in Your Attic, BookCovers.jpgA Collector's Memoirs, is a compilation of essays that have appeared in Michael's column for The American Antiquities Journal.  As the magazine's editor puts it, "Michael's writing style puts the reader right in the action, experiencing all the emotions and excitement of each situation.  His stories will entertain you as you read at breakneck speed to see what will happen next.  This is a great read on many levels...it's a classic example of the American spirit." 

Tracing his discoveries from his childhood in the 1950s to today, Michael reflects on the passion and the excitement that comes from finding rare and unusual treasure in the least likely places, in addition to providing valuable information for collectors along the way.  As an avid collector, Hurwitz maintains that 'gold' in the form of antiques and collectibles are hidden treasures, lurking in basements and attics throughout the United States.

Available through this website at $16.99, signed by the author, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.   

Total price is $21.99 and includes shipping and handling.

NewStraitsville271.jpgThe Film That Transformed America delves into D.W. Griffith's 1915 landmark film, The Birth of a Nation, as well as GrifBookCovers007.jpgfith as a storyteller and filmmaker.  This film had an impact on society that still resonates throughout the cultural fabic of America today. 

Through this film, Griffith gave credence to motion pictures as an art form.  Revolutionary in developing the format of the feature film, it ignited the Art versus Propaganda debate.  As the US stood on the precipice of extraordinary change, history was viewed through the lens of the camera.  A single artist -- D.W. Griffith -- forever changed the landscape of America. 

Available through this website for $12.99 and signed by the author, plus $3.50 shipping and handling. 

Total price is $16.99 and includes shipping and handling.