History - it surrounds us - it intrigues us - it defines us


"The avid scholar,
the dedicated
soldier, the civic
leader, the
performing artist
and now a lecturer
of note -- indeed,
a Renaissance man!"


As Adjunct Professor at Urbana University, Michael has enjoyed years of interacting with students both on an academic as well as practical basis. Having the opportunity to apply his broad-based practical, technical, and professional theatrical skills, he has designed curriculum for a variety of courses. 
In conjunction with the release of his 1st book, D.W. Griffith's 1915 Film, The Birth of a Nation, The Film That Transformed America, Michael has created both a Master Class and an in-depth lecture relating to both the motion picture and its impact on the cultural landscape of America. The Master Class is designed for students at the college level persuing a curriculum in film, or film history. Within the context of this class, Michael transports the student back in time and, using selected examples of D.W. Griffith’s work, examines the creative genius that brought so many important films to the screen .

The lecture, History Through The Lens, examines the history of motion pictures as it examines history. How accurate have the motion pictures been and to what extent have they served as propaganda? Using archival footage this lecture is designed to evaluate the importance of film within the context of the twentieth century.

Master Classes can be designed to address specific curriculum needs for either History or Film classes.


Michael is also available for lectures relating to his 2nd book, There's Gold in Your Attic:  A Collector's Memoirs

As an avid collector, Michael maintains that "gold" in the form of antiques and collectibles are hidden treasures lurking in basements and attics throughout the United States.  Tracing his discoveries from his childhood in the 1950's to today, he reflects on the passion and the excitement that comes from finding rare and unusual treasures in the least likely places and provides valuable information along the way. 

  • "Id drive 100 miles to hear another section of the seminar; it was really a lot of good information for me."

  • "It was great! I got a tremendous amount of information from it."

Information regarding fees and available dates may be obtained by contacting:

Michael R. Hurwitz
654 Brice Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-1607