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Abraham Lincoln Video Preview

Always interested in bringing history to life, Michael has created one-person shows that highlight selected historical personalities. He presents a vignette that is accurate, from make-up and costume to set pieces and stage props. His Cast of Characters, includes the personalities of such diverse individuals as Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Buffalo Bill and Harry Houdini.

In 1981 Michael conceived, co-produced, co-wrote and co-starred in the television version of An Historic Evening an innovative presentation of three historical personalities; Walt Whitman, Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe, for the time a truly innovative concept for television. The production captured the essence of these three dynamic figures of history in an evening of entertainment and history.

His performances have taken him throughout the heartland of America sharing the wit, insight, humor and history of these characters. Equally at home at conferences or in the theatre, these historical vignettes bring humor and pathos to any gathering.

Breathing life into academics...these characters form a bridge from our past to our present.



Michael on-stage at Ford's Theatre.



  • "Your Mark Twain make-up is so perfect…"
    Miss Lillian Gish
  • "A true professional make-up artist who is not afraid of challenges, new approaches, new ideas…"
    Vincent J.R. Kehoe., Director
    Research Council of Make-Up Artists

  • "I knew that you were great as Mark Twain, but I really did not comprehend how tremendously overpowering you are when you act that role. I really felt that I was in the presence of Samuel Clemens when I saw you with make-up, observed your body movements and listened to your inflections and anecdotes!"
    Dr. Ed Mason
    Former Deputy Director of the FBI

To bring history to life for your convention or theatre, please contact
Michael R. Hurwitz
654 Brice Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-1607
(614) 864-3553